Me (KT) and Mike (HTB or Hubs-To-Be). Code name use only from here on out.

Welcome to Broke Bish. I’ll be your host, Katie (KT). That’s me, the broke bish. Between credit cards and student loans and this really crazy idea to start my career all over 2 years ago, I’ve racked up some $25k ish of debt.

I’ve blogged a touch in my years, but never anything serious until now. I found myself constantly scouring blogs about getting debt-free and how those people did it and I thought it’s probably a good time to start that shit up myself, considering I now have to buy dinner for 200 people in less than a year.

So here you’ll find money saving tips, recipes, loop-holes, shopping advice, personal recommendations, and probably a shitload of DIY crafts and home decor.

Oh, and I swear like a sailor, so prepare yourself.

My interns:

La Bamba (left) and Elvis.

Fun and (mostly) true things:

I was in a college marching band and as a result I have 300 pretty close friends.

I think I can rap. Others may disagree.

One time I read an article that people who swear a lot have higher intelligence & I fucking ran with it.

I do improv and that's how I met my future hubs.

I also think I can sing. Others may disagree.

HTB says if I bring home one more plant, he'll leave me.

My cats are twin brothers and I can't tell them apart.

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