30 Day Declutter Challenge

Ah, Spring. The time of year when I get all excited about opening up the windows and giving my house a deep clean. So maybe it’s 10 days early, technically. But this winter has been brutal and I’m ready for a refresh.

This year is different. I moved in with my fiancé last summer, so the spring cleaning portion didn’t happen. If you want to get technical, the spring cleaning I did last year was just packing.

I have never cohabitated before. Not in a romantic capacity at least. And now I’m very aware of how much crap I have. Hubs-To-Be (HTB) is very neat. Like, freakishly so. So when I moved it, it was all my crap just piled up everywhere. Now nearly a year later, I’m getting self-conscious about it and I know it bothers him even though he’d never explicitly say it.

Enter the Challenge

I found this challenge on Pinterest (because of course I did) and modified it slightly to fit my lifestyle. A simple decluttering task each day for 30 days. Should be easy, right?

I specifically didn’t assign a day for each task so I could tackle them when I could. HTB and I are heading off on vacation for the weekend, so I’m gonna save the digital ones for while I’m gone. I may tackle two small ones before we go too.

How do you spring clean? Is it over a few days or weeks or all in one go?