Shape Up or Ship Out

There’s no better way to get motivated to work out than trying on wedding dresses. I was at David’s Bridal to order a bridesmaid dress for a wedding I’m in this coming September and thought I might just *peep* some of the wedding dresses since I haven’t browsed in person yet.

On the one hand, it was super fun. On the other, I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Realistically looking ahead at getting back into shape gives me some hope. I am gonna try not to be too hard on myself but I think I have enough motivation to get going. But I’m a bitch on a budget. I mean, that’s the entire point of this blog. So a fancy personal trainer or gym membership just ain’t in the cards.

I’m fortunate to have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance through my employer and about a year and a half ago, they sent me a letter about Blue365. Blue365 basically offers health and wellness deals for qualifying BCBS members. They have an eligibility check on their website if you’re unsure whether or not your plan includes Blue365. One of their “deals” is a program called Fitness Your Way.

For $25 a month* – paid to BCBS – I have access to any participating gyms in my area. Yeah, you read that correctly. I can have a membership to multiple gyms all at the same time, just for $25/month*. It’s awesome. One of the participating gyms is LA Fitness (that’s Spanish for “the fitness”). I had previously joined LA Fitness because they have a pool and a wide variety of fitness classes that I can attend.

So with wedding motivation and just generally wanting to feel better, have more energy, look better naked and so on, I’m working on breaking a sweat without breaking the bank. Wish me luck.

Got any tips for saving money on fitness?

*Looks like they upped the price to $29/month now. Still worth it though.