Spotify Fam

Several years ago I saw a promotion for Spotify Premium for $.99 for 3 months. It was just when Spotify was starting to get more popular and Grooveshark had just been shut down – RIP – so I was looking for an alternative. So I bit.

At the end of the promotion, it was going to go up to the normal $9.99/month subscription. I figured I’d cancel before then and probably just suck it up and listen to commercials.

Well fuck me if I didn’t get addicted. Well played, Spotify. I couldn’t live without it. I could curate all my own playlists and I could create playlists for my friends, for parties, for focusing on being productive, you name it. AND I could download my playlists so I didn’t use data when I was driving or not anywhere with Wi-Fi. Amazing.

So yeah, for a solid 3 or 4 years, I happily paid that $9.99 a month. Then I meet HTB.

HTB (my Hubs-To-Be) is a fan of music. He grew up in the 80s and early 90s so he loves some old school hair band rock and a dash of Wham every now and then. He also can get down with some Tupac and Run DMC. He was still using iTunes and ripping music off like Limewire or something (not verified). Enter me and my obsession with Spotify.

I tell HTB all about Spotify and how great it is and that I would happily upgrade my account to the family plan and let him check it out. Even though this was well before our engagement, I could tell he was Spotify premium material. He seemed neither excited nor opposed to it. His indifference did not affect me, I knew that Spotify would sway him in the right direction.

After about a month, I ask HTB how he’s liking it. He says it’s “ok”. I nearly broke it off right there.

me: “you know you can save whatever music you like, follow playlists, and make your own playlists, right”

HTB: “yeah, I know.”

me: “ok, so what’s the problem”

HTB: “it’s just ok. i don’t really use it that much.”

me: “FINE.”

HTB: “are you ok? your face is red”

So I went back to my regular single premium account. If HTB doesn’t want to have a life-changing music app, then that is his business.

A few months later, I was jammin’ to one of my “Made For You” playlists and HTB comes in hot complaining about his computer slowing down with iTunes and how long it takes to download music and how he wishes he could easily search for new music, blah blah blah. He mentions that he’s thinking about trying Apple Music. FULL STOP.

me: “that shit is the same fucking thing as Spotify and you can just join my account.”

HTB: “Oooo then let’s do that!”

me: “hi where was this 3 months ago dude”

HTB: shrug

MEN. Anyway, I upgraded AGAIN to the Spotify Family Plan for $14.99/month and added HTB and now, of-fucking-course, he loves it. He even added an account so we can have our Google Home connected to it’s own Spotify account. (We’re probably doing that ass-backwards, but it works for us. If you got suggestions to improve that, let me know.)

Please enjoy some of my summer 2019 jams on Spotify:

I will NOT apologize for the amount of Lizzo on this list.

How do you jam to your music?