Weighing options: The wallet edition

How inappropriate is it to have my first post on a blog about becoming debt-free and living a happy and minimal lifestyle be about buying a new wallet?

It’s probably pretty inappropriate. But I’m all about quality of life and if a new wallet is what sparks joy, then so be it.

Some background: I haven’t bought a new wallet for myself in 11 years. It’s trivial, but I’ve never found one I like nearly as much as my 2008 Fossil wallet. And to have a wallet last 11 years seems well worth the cost if you ask me.

My 2008 "What vintage are you?" Fossil wallet.

This wallet could probably last another 10 years. That’s how well it’s made. But that’s not to say it hasn’t seen better days.

Enter Amazon Prime Wardrobe.

I’ve been a Prime member since college (remember when it was only like $50/year?). And recently I’ve seen the ads for Prime Wardrobe that allows you to “try before you buy”. Brilliant.

After some deep diving into the program, it sounds almost too good to be true. But then again, I pay $119/year for Prime, so it’s about time I get mine if you know what I mean. And it applies to accessories too! So boom. I picked three Fossil wallets that I really liked (you must select at least three items and they must all be Prime Wardrobe eligible) and added them to my cart. Once they ship, which unfortunately not necessarily on the Amazon Prime 2-day shipping plan, you have 7 days to either keep the items or ship the ones you don’t want back.

In my pessimistic “this has to be too good to be true” mind, I assumed that you had to buy at least one of the items you order with Prime Wardrobe. But as far as I can tell, you can send all items back without penalty or fee. Which, wow. Game changer.

So last Monday, I ordered these babes:

I’ve always been a “small wallet” kinda gal. Meaning, I don’t like those longer wallets that never seem to fit in my purse. But I ordered a long one just to see what it’s like. I’m older now, maybe my tastes have changed. That’s the beauty of this. If I don’t like it, I can send it back without getting charged for it.

So my Prime Wardrobe delivery is set to arrive today before 8pm. Hooray. Well then Fossil goes and sends me this:

Good online or in-store. And on payday. The Lord is testing me.

In years past, I would have opted for the convenience of just keeping the wallet I already have from Amazon and paying the full price. But after some calculations on Fossil’s website and the application of other coupons from Honey (if you don’t have Honey, install that shit now on your browser. You’re welcome.), it looks like I could save something like $18 on one of these wallets, including free shipping.

And as much as I love Amazon, they don’t price match. So once I’ve decided on which wallet I want, I’m gonna send them all back to Amazon and order directly from Fossil. Boom. Adulting.